The DaRE Lab is interested in DNA and RNA editing, particularly in the context of cell identity. Although living cells have biological information hardwired into their genomes, this information can be naturally or artificially altered, either at the level of DNA where the changes can be permanent or at the level of RNA where the changes can be dynamic. We are focused on (1) developing and applying powerful new genome engineering technologies to understand cell fate decisions and (2) unraveling the functions and regulation of RNA editing in human development and diseases. Our research activities fall under the broad umbrella of systems and synthetic biology.

DNA and RNA  Editing (DaRE) Lab

Recent News

November 2023: Our comprehensive atlas of A-to-I RNA editing in frogs (Xenopus) has been published in BMC Biology. Congratulations to the team!


October 2023: Xiaoyu joins our lab as a research fellow to work on machine learning methods for nanopore sequencing analysis. Welcome! 

October 2023: Our invited review on the identification of genuine RNA editing sites has been published in Accounts for Chemical Research. Hope it will be useful to the community!