24-28 September 2015: iGEM Giant Jamboree

31 July 2015

4 January 2015

Welcoming the start of a brand new year!

Celebrating Nadzim's birthday with pizza

10 August 2014

Celebrating Xing Xing's Birthday and Michele (Huber Lab) Passing her Ph.D. Thesis Defense

Celebrating Esther's Birthday

6 May 2014

30 December 2013

Christmas-New Year Buffet Lunch with the Wan Lab

7 March 2014

Lab summer outing. Bowling and eating are some of our favorite activities!

8 September 2014

Lab Summer Outing - Having Lots of Fun at Bowling and Dinner Afterwards

12 December 2016: Lab Christmas Party!

29 May 2015

25 February 2015

DNA and RNA  Editing (DaRE) Lab

Bidding farewell to our interns

Celebrating birthdays with pizzas, our favourite lab food!